At Blossom Early Learning,  you and your child can enjoy hands-on activities, songs, music, dancing, games and build friendships with other children and parents. You will learn about your child's development and how the play-based activities support your child'™s learning. Classes at Blossom have been purposely designed to meet developmental milestones of children at specific ages. The goal of the activities and experiences in the developmental classes (Snuggle, Cuddle, Flutter) are for children to master certain skills so that they have a solid foundation before moving to the next milestone skill.​ Other classes like Bumble Bugs, Chute Bugs, Jingle Bugs and more, are classes that help build skills like listening, language, self-regulation and other key skills for successful entry into Kindergarten. 
​​Hey there! I'm Heidi, the owner and founder of Blossom Early Learning. I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) who teaches parent-child classes so that parents can make sense of their child's development AND I make it  FUN for both adults and children.

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In addition to being a RECE, Heidi is also certified by the Quintessence Foundation for breastfeeding support, a mom of two children and is a DONA  trained Postpartum Doula. 

She has been actively involved in early and primary education since 2002 and is continually updating and completing further professional learning. Through her dedication and passion for early child development and parenting, she has created a series of informative, engaging and enjoyable classes to offer families with young children that aids in building a solid and strong foundation for lifelong  success.
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